Call for a Statewide Demonstration in Sacramento: Committee to Overturn Proposition 8

Adam Richmond

Adam Richmond

We call for a massive demonstration in Sacramento to demand that the California Governor, Legislature and Supreme Court overturn Proposition 8. Based on media reports the case to overturn Proposition 8 will be heard by the Supreme Court in late March. Also toward this end, on March 25, a group of individuals organized by One Struggle, One Fight, will walk from San Francisco to Sacramento to demand the right to same sex marriage. Along the way, they will be meeting with numerous grassroots and community social justice groups to build bridges between the struggle for same sex marriage and the myriad of other social justice causes.

In the weeks following the passage of Proposition 8, rapidly organized rallies, marches, and demonstrations erupted throughout California as well as in many other states, and even other countries. According to reports, as many as 300 demonstrations took place on November 15, followed by protest actions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento in the following days. There have also been numerous statements by a wide range of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community members, activists, and supporters of civil rights denouncing the passage of Proposition 8. With focus and organization, we can deliver this message from the people to the government by coming together to make a loud and clear demand: discriminatory marriage laws are no longer acceptable.

The vast majority of the people of California are working people, and we are all facing the prospect of economic devastation through soaring unemployment, home foreclosures, evictions and the collapse of pension funds. The opponents of marriage equality seek to scapegoat gay marriage for “threatening” the family. The real threat to families is the economic crisis we all face as working people, whether we are gay, lesbian, straight, African American, Latino, Asian or white. We believe it is crucial that the movement to defend marriage equality seek to appeal to all of California’s working people by directly confronting the demagogues on the Right, including those who would use religion as an excuse to promote bigotry.

We believe that truly massive mobilizations point toward how marriage equality can be obtained. By bringing together people across the state by the tens or hundreds of thousands, we can exert pressure on the political institutions to overturn Proposition 8. Mass mobilizations will allow the gay grassroots and all those who believe in equal rights to voice their demand for equality directly, collectively, and unambiguously. It should be noted that due to the mass demonstrations that expressed public outrage over passage of Proposition 8, Attorney General Jerry Brown reversed his position and is today against its implementation.

We propose organizing meetings of the LGBT community and its supporters all over the state to discuss the prospect of a mass demonstration on Sacramento to place the demands for equality on the powers that be. These town hall meetings would be an open forum where a dialogue could take place so that the issues of the best strategy and tactics to overturn Proposition 8 are democratically discussed and decided.

If you endorse this idea and are interested in arranging a planning meeting, sign and send in your address and phone number. We, the undersigned, declare our active support for town hall meetings to mobilize the LGBT community and allies in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and other California cities to develop a plan of action for the upcoming period. We are open to suggestions and amendments to this statement which can then be incorporated in a final call for the march. Hopefully these town hall meetings will lead to the creation of a unified movement that can serve the cause of overturning Proposition 8. We welcome everyone’s participation.

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Adam Richmond is a writer and graphic designer for Workers Action, and a Teamster. He is a long time political activist and lives in San Francisco. He may be reached at