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The Disaster in Pakistan: Legacy of Colonialism

Brad Forrest

Brad Forrest The humanitarian disaster that is engulfing Pakistan due to the monstrous monsoon rains is partly due to the nature of the unavoidable natural disaster, the worst rains in a generation, but it is partly also due to the baneful effects of colonial slavery in the economically backward region. The torrent of rain has […]

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Mexico, Pakistan, and the So-Called “Failed State” Washington’s War on “Narco-Terrorism”

Shamus Cooke

Interestingly, Mexico has lately been compared to Pakistan as a country “on the verge” of becoming a “failed state,” with the Mexican drug cartels accused of playing the same “destabilizing” role as the Taliban/terrorists in Pakistan. Calling such a comparison a stretch would be a gross understatement, of course.  (more…)

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