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The Argument for Amnesty: An Immigration Policy That Works for All

Mark Vorpahl

This article is co-published with Millions experience the repressive nature of the U.S. immigration system on a daily basis, lifting its need for reform to a level of urgency. And fixing this broken program is integral to building the unity among U.S. workers that is required to challenge corporate America’s attacks on our wages, rights, […]

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Racism, Immigration, and Profit

Shamus Cooke

People are rightly confused about the issue of immigration — it is a complex phenomenon and many things need to be considered. Often times, there seem to be equally compelling arguments and statistics on either side of the issue, creating even more confusion. Unfortunately, the immigration debate is often tinged or even marred by racism – […]

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“ICE” Strikes in Oregon: End the Raids! End the Deportations!

Workers Action

On the morning of June 12, at a Del Monte food processing plant in North Portland, Oregon, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) sent in 160 agents in an over-the-top display of force against the plant’s mostly immigrant workers. 167 of these workers were rounded up like animals and now face deportation in the […]

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