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Protest Alone Won’t Stop Fascism: White Supremacists Have a Deeper Political Strategy

Shamus Cooke

This article original appeared on CounterPunch on September 4, 2017 When news struck that anti-Muslim protests with ties to white supremacists cancelled rallies across the country — in response to the huge anti-fascist rally in Boston — a clear victory was celebrated by the Left. A further anti-fascist victory was won in San Francisco, where a giant […]

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Lessons from Portland’s Clash With Fascists

Shamus Cooke

“Hey Hey Fascist Scum, You’re Outnumbered 10 to 1“ — chant at Portland’s June 4th counter-protest. Portland, Oregon has had its collective mind blown in recent weeks. A Nazi murdered two people on public transit and a week later, on June 4th, Portland police were “protecting and serving” a rally of 300+ “Alt-Right” white supremacists, […]

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Can the Left Survive a Trump Presidency?

Shamus Cooke

It’s easy to overestimate an adversary. Especially a billionaire who says scary, racist things. The disbelief triggered by Donald Trump’s candidacy exposed a mass crisis of confidence in the establishment, whose policies alienated the electorate, creating a Trump-sized political void. Trump seems strong because the establishment is so weak, and hated. Trump himself is a decades-old […]

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An Addition to the Article: Missing in Action, AFL-CIO Should Be in Ferguson

Paul Colvin

Carl Finamore’s article, “Missing in Action, AFL-CIO Should Be in Ferguson” is an accurate and indispensable description of current day unions’ disconnect with the struggles and aspirations of communities of color in a society with embedded racism, both subtle and not so subtle. When a white policeman murdered unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the […]

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Zimmerman’s Acquittal and the Call for a New Civil Rights Movement

Mark Vorpahl

This article is co-published with George Zimmerman has been found innocent of both second-degree murder and manslaughter for the killing of Trayvon Martin. In spite of Zimmerman’s history as a neighborhood watchman employing racial profiling; in spite of the fact that he was armed with a gun and Trayvon was not; in spite of the […]

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