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Police Unions vs. Black Lives

Shamus Cooke

This article originally appeared on CounterPunch on October 6, 2017 In “progressive” Portland, Oregon the city’s police stand out as political outliers. Whereas most of the city leans left the average cop is, unapologetically, on the far-right of the political spectrum. Portland’s rightwing cops mirror the politics of police across the country, reflected in the […]

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Protest Alone Won’t Stop Fascism: White Supremacists Have a Deeper Political Strategy

Shamus Cooke

This article original appeared on CounterPunch on September 4, 2017 When news struck that anti-Muslim protests with ties to white supremacists cancelled rallies across the country — in response to the huge anti-fascist rally in Boston — a clear victory was celebrated by the Left. A further anti-fascist victory was won in San Francisco, where a giant […]

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Lessons from Portland’s Clash With Fascists

Shamus Cooke

“Hey Hey Fascist Scum, You’re Outnumbered 10 to 1“ — chant at Portland’s June 4th counter-protest. Portland, Oregon has had its collective mind blown in recent weeks. A Nazi murdered two people on public transit and a week later, on June 4th, Portland police were “protecting and serving” a rally of 300+ “Alt-Right” white supremacists, […]

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Can the Left Survive a Trump Presidency?

Shamus Cooke

It’s easy to overestimate an adversary. Especially a billionaire who says scary, racist things. The disbelief triggered by Donald Trump’s candidacy exposed a mass crisis of confidence in the establishment, whose policies alienated the electorate, creating a Trump-sized political void. Trump seems strong because the establishment is so weak, and hated. Trump himself is a decades-old […]

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An Addition to the Article: Missing in Action, AFL-CIO Should Be in Ferguson

Paul Colvin

Carl Finamore’s article, “Missing in Action, AFL-CIO Should Be in Ferguson” is an accurate and indispensable description of current day unions’ disconnect with the struggles and aspirations of communities of color in a society with embedded racism, both subtle and not so subtle. When a white policeman murdered unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the […]

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Zimmerman’s Acquittal and the Call for a New Civil Rights Movement

Mark Vorpahl

This article is co-published with George Zimmerman has been found innocent of both second-degree murder and manslaughter for the killing of Trayvon Martin. In spite of Zimmerman’s history as a neighborhood watchman employing racial profiling; in spite of the fact that he was armed with a gun and Trayvon was not; in spite of the […]

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