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How the ANC’s Faustian Pact Sold Out South Africa’s Poorest

How the ANC's Faustian Pact Sold Out South Africa's Poorest
Ronnie Kasrils

This article was reprinted from the Black Agenda Report and first published by the Guardian on June 25, 2013. “Inexcusably, we had lost faith in the ability of our own revolutionary masses to overcome all obstacles.” South Africa’s young people today are known as the Born Free generation. They enjoy the dignity of being born into […]

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Wildcat Strikes Push China to Write New Labor Laws

Ellen David Friedman

This article is republished from Labor Notes. More than 30 years since China opened up to foreign investment, wildcat strikes surge month after month. They are driven by workers with no meaningful access to union representation, to a worker center, to the media, to legal mechanisms, or to government intervention on their behalf. And yet workers in industries […]

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The real fix for Obamacare’s flaws: Medicare for all

Rose Ann DeMoro

This article is reprinted from The Guardian. Lost amidst the well-chronicled travails of the Affordable Care Act rollout are the long term effects of people struggling to get the health coverage they need without going bankrupt. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s been the main story line of the US healthcare system for several decades. Sadly, little has […]

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Lenin’s Revolutionary Theory

Brad Forrest

Now that the Soviet Union has fully succumbed to a capitalist restoration of the economy, it’s becoming clearer with each passing day that the “market,” that is the dictatorship of the banks and big business, has ushered in a nightmare for the Russian people, with living standards plummeting while unemployment and poverty rise. Working people […]

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Mass protests key to winning change

Green Left Weekly

This article was originally published by The Green Left Weekly. Saturday, November 16, 2013 By Sue Bolton A protest against WorkChoices in Perth in 2005. Over the years, I have heard many left-wing activists say that mass peaceful protests do not achieve anything. Rather, “militant actions” which “take it up to the ruling class” are more important. […]

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The Real Problem with Obamacare

David Sirota

Back when Obamacare was being negotiated, Congress could have circumvented the private insurance industry by simply expanding Medicare to cover everybody. Medicare isn’t perfect, of course, but it remains one of the most popular institutions in America because its single-payer model guarantees access to decent, cost-effective healthcare rather than just meager health insurance. Whenever scandal […]

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