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As you might have noticed, after many trials and tribulations, we succeeded in upgrading our website.  We are still in the process of completing the transfer of all the archived articles, but otherwise we are basically done.  Our articles, by the way, are being well received, and we get positive feedback on a regular basis.  Accordingly, we are attempting to increase the number of articles produced each month.

The upgrading was more of a challenge than we imagined, and it cost more than we anticipated.  However, we think the investment was well worthwhile, since the website is now much easier to navigate.  But we are currently facing the prospect of paying a bill that runs close to $2,000 because we had to solicit professional help.

Of course, those of us in Workers Action will shoulder the burden of the bill.  But we are writing with the hope that some of our friends, if they are financially able, might make a small contribution.  We understand that these are difficult economic times for all working people, so if you are not able to help, it is entirely understandable.

If you are able to make a modest contribution, please see below for donation options.

Yours for the revolution,

Workers Action

Checks or Money Orders
Address and Instruction for Checks or Money Order donations.
Payable to Bill Leumer
(We cannot accept checks payable to Workers Action.) 
Please make the check payable to:
Bill Leumer
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