New Features of the New Website

Workers Action

If you have been visiting, you’ll notice many new features on our redesigned site. Here’s a quick tour of them. If you have questions or comments or complaints, please let the webmaster, Adam, know by sending a message click here.

1. Re-post or email any article.

You can automatically repost any of our articles onto Facebook, Twitter, or email mail to a friend. Check out the Share Toolbar at the bottom of every article. You will have to be a member of these services to activate them. Below is a guide.

2. Author and Topic Tags

Each article has an author tag for individually signed articles. For example, if you liked an article by Shamus Cooke and wanted to see what else he has written, simply click the tag with his name and you will be directed to a list of all the articles he has authored. Think of it as the index section at the back of a book. Here is a guide to help explain.

3. Mini-navigation bar. At the bottom of every article is a navigation bar to take you to the previous or next article in chronological order. See guide above.4. CategoriesAt the top of each article, there are one or two subject categories for every article. These categories are a bit like the index for a book, but are more general than a tag. Our Labor section has dozens of articles. However a tag might have two or three.

4. Staying in contact. We have made it easier to get updates from Workers Action. You can receive updates via email, Twitter or on Facebook.
5. RSS Feeds. We have an RSS Feed which you can import into your browser. You can get (supply directions for RSS feed here.) RSS is short for “Really Short Syndication.” It appears as a button on your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome), once you import it, you simply click it to see what articles we have posted.

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