Who’s Scarier: Scott Walker or ‘Jihadi John’?

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker compared labor unions to ISIS, his audience cheered. At the end of the speech he got a standing ovation. His wealthy audience hated labor unions that much. In fact, the 1% despises unions much more than they hate ISIS. Islamic extremists in the Syrian desert pose no threat to anyone […]


The Not So Erratic Philosophy of Yanis Varoufakis

Greece’s new finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, has been mandated by the leftist Syriza government to negotiate new conditions with the “troika” (the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund) for the continuation of Greece’s desperately needed bailout. He has just written a smashing op-ed for The New York Times that forcefully […]


Mayor’s Proposal for $15 is Big Step Forward, But Leaves Out Majority of Low-Wage City Workers

Republished from 15 Now PDX. In Portland, Oregon, a mostly-volunteer led group is working with labor unions across the state in a campaign for a statewide $15 minimum wage. The group is simultaneously working on a campaign in Portland that demands a $15 minimum wage for city workers. Oregon is one of several states that […]


Teacher Unions Default on the Fightback

Public education in the U.S. is facing what Diane Ravitch, former assistant in the Department of Education, has called “an unprecedented time in American history” where schools are facing “a radical, extreme break with the past” because of a “direct attack on public education.” Many of these attacks have been directed specifically at teachers, and consequently […]


How Obama is Making the World More Dangerous

You’re not paranoid if you think the world feels more unstable — it is.  There’s a dangerous confluence of political, economic, and military phenomena that is producing a very hazardous international situation. Heightened national tensions that lead to regional confrontations have become normal as economic and political winds constantly shift in the direction of instability and […]

Paul Krugman Entangled in His Own Logic By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer

Paul Krugman Entangled in His Own Logic

In a recent New York Times article, Nobel Prize-winning economist, Paul Krugman, once again takes aim at economists and politicians, who are fixated on problems that we won’t encounter for decades, if at all, like the possible insolvency of Social Security and Medicare. Embracing austerity, they demand cuts to these programs in order to keep […]


Oregon Unions Rally for a $15 Minimum Wage

Hundreds rallied on January 24th at Oregon’s capitol building to demand a statewide $15 minimum wage. The rally marked the beginning of the statewide campaign, which has already earned support from Oregon’s labor movement and many community groups. The rally itself was organized by a coalition of labor and community groups, including $15 Now Oregon, the Oregon […]


What the AFL-CIO Did Not Say About Raising Wages

On January 7, 2015 the AFL-CIO, in what might be a desperate attempt to seem politically relevant to the labor movement, staged a “National Summit on Raising Wages,” featuring Senator Elizabeth Warren as the keynote speaker, followed by a panel discussion. Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers International Union and part of the left wing […]


The Spectacular Media Failure on Charlie Hebdo

A core tenet of journalism is answering the question “why.” It’s the media’s duty to explain “why” an event happened so that readers will actually understand what they’re reading is actually all about. Leave out the “why” and then assumptions and stereotypes fill in the blank, always readily supplied by politicians whose ridiculous simplistic answers are left […]

The Strategic Significance of the Fight for $15 By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer January 1, 2015

The Strategic Significance of the Fight for $15

The fight for $15, a movement that started two years ago with a walkout of fast food workers in New York, has been gaining momentum ever since. In early December 2014, workers staged one-day strikes in over 150 cities, creating what The New York Times called “the largest labor protests in the nation in years.” Additionally significant […]


A New Push for Peace in Syria?

Why are there no serious peace talks to end the war in Syria? After robbing over 130,000 people of their lives, and evicting over 9 million refugees from their homes, the Syrian war has infected nearly every region of the Middle East. Yet among the U.S. and its regional allies there are no public discussions about a […]


The Elections: Déjà Vu All Over Again

Eventually the tired game will exhaust itself. Beneath the billions of dollars, U.S. elections are lifeless events. The predictable flopping from Democrat to Republican and back again, with voters given no real choice but to punish the party in power — by electing the party that was punished previously. This endless, irrational dynamic is the […]

Why Obama Rejected Peace With Iran

20141025 By:

How did Obama manage to botch U.S. foreign policy so stunningly? The promising speeches he gave in 2008 earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. But his inspiring words have since been buried in the rubble of Libya, Palestine, Iraq, and Syria. The region that once viewed Obama as a peace messiah now rejects him as […]

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Shamus Cooke: Israel Is Heavily Protected by the United States at the UN

20141012 By:

Reprinted from the Fars News Agency TEHRAN (FNA) — Shamus Cooke, an American labor activist and writer, says that the United States heavily protects the Israeli regime in the United Nations and prevents any resolution against Tel Aviv from being adopted by the Security Council. Following the 52-day onslaught on the Gaza Strip, which cost the […]

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Can Hong Kong Trigger a Chinese Revolution?

Can Hong Kong Trigger a Chinese Revolution? Shamus Cooke October 7, 2014 By:

Power concedes nothing without a demand.  Frederick Douglass, 1857* A historic showdown is shaking Hong Kong’s core, between the Chinese government and the mass movement confronting it. The people demand the removal of the Beijing appointed Governor and insist that they vote on his replacement. The Chinese government has vowed zero concessions, creating an inevitable […]

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Obama Reconsiders Attacking Assad

20141003 By:

Sometimes bad ideas die slowly. It was only one year ago that Obama announced he would bomb the Syrian government, only to change his mind at the last minute. Now the same fetid war talk is sprouting fresh roots in the ever-fertile U.S. military. Various media outlets reported that the U.S. military might “enforce a […]

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The Unspoken Consequences of Bombing Syria

The Unspoken Consequences of Bombing Syria By:

Now that U.S. bombs are falling in Syria, will Islamic extremism be stopped in its tracks? Such a question is an insult to the intellect, yet it’s the dominant theory in Washington D.C., where years of Middle East war have taught politicians nothing. Not only will bombing yet another Middle East country create yet more […]

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Socialists on Palestine and Israel: One or Two States?

2014-0914 By:

With the recent Israeli war on Gaza resulting in the deaths of over two thousand Palestinians along with the massive destruction of an already fragile and minimal infrastructure, revolutionary socialists are once again revisiting the question of whether they should embrace a one-state or two-state solution to the seemingly endless conflict between Israel and the […]

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Progressive Democrats Follow Obama to War in Syria

2014-0913 By:

It’s nearly impossible to find an anti-war congressperson nowadays. A bi-partisan consensus exists for an expanded war in Iraq and Syria — from the “radical” socialist Bernie Sanders to Obama’s right-wing nemesis, John Boehner. So enthused was Boehner that he ordered Republicans back to D.C. — during a peak campaign season — to vote for Obama’s plan […]

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The Giant Gaps in Obama’s ISIS Strategy

The Giant Gaps in Obama’s ISIS Strategy Shamus Cooke September 13, 2014 By:

Obama’s ISIS speech would have provoked outrage if Bush gave it. Now, however, Democrats and Republicans are united over foreign war to such an extent that a prolonged military campaign without congressional approval barely raises an eyebrow. So one year after an attack on Syria was rejected by the American public bombs will be dropping […]

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Don’t Settle For Less: $15 Now!

2014-0912 By:

Momentum is still growing for a $15 minimum wage. On August 4th150 cities rallied for $15 and union rights, with striking fast food workers engaging in civil disobedience. Meanwhile, San Francisco voters are expected to pass a $15 referendum in November, and Seattle starts to phase in $15 on January 1st. The city of SeaTac, […]

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Obama’s Paralyzed Presidency and the Push for War

2014-0904 By:

President Obama is breathing fresh life into the term “lame duck.” At home and abroad the president seems frozen, powerless to confront the most demanding political issues. From foreign wars to Ferguson the president’s lack of audacity seems destined to be his legacy. And while working class people in Ferguson are demanding justice at home, […]

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