S.F. Voters Defy Zany-Left Stereotypes

Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan

An article with the above title appeared in the S.F. Chronicle two days after election day. The premise for this article was because I “only” received 17% of the vote and because Prop V. (which restored the predatory and possibly illegal JROTC) passed, now Fox News could not run any stories about “wacky” San Francisco.

First of all, Cindy for Congress has to shout it because no other corporate media outlet is even whipering it: We received over 45,000 votes (still counting) against the Speaker of the House in a year of Democratic sweeps! It was my first run at any public office and we did it without any balanced reporting from the “Zany Right” media outlets and we did it with ¼ the money that Pelosi had. No Zany Right media outlet is saying (in fact CNN doesn’t even mention me in their election wrap up—even though I came in 2nd) that this is by far the most votes ever attained by an opponent of Pelosi’s—and she has never been challenged by an independent.

Secondly, what is “Zany” about a platform of bringing our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan; providing health care, shelter and education for all Americans and solving our economic ills with an aggressive progressive program of “gurgle” up economics? What is so “Zany” about reducing our military to a size that can only be used for defensive purposes or for international coalitions to preserve human life, not destroy it? What is so “Zany” about opposing off-shore drilling and aggressively trying to save our environment from corporate raiders? We at CFC believe that it’s “Zany” to have people sleeping on our streets while corporate banksters are receiving state welfare. We think it’s “Zany” that only the wealthy can afford health care or education. We think it’s “Zany” to say that one is against the war, while forking out billions of dollars to pay for it. We also believe that it is “Zany” to allow the Bush regime to escape without being held accountable for their crimes.

Thirdly, JROTC is an antiquated program that preys on our children by telling them that they will gain “leadership” skills, when it is only used as a tool to indoctrinate our children into our system of jingoistic militarism (using minors like this is against the UN Charter) and to believe that we have to restore a program like that is Chronicle-Zany!

During the last month of the campaign, we placed 50,000 door hangers, made 300,000 phone calls, mailed out 75,000 pieces of literature and had an aggressive radio and TV presence. All of these measures were necessary since Pelosi and her buddies in the establishment media ignored us but these tactics cost a lot of money and our campaign is in about $10,000.00 of debt. (We also have to rehabilitate our campaign bus that has had its tail lights smashed out and has been broken into).

You helped us get this far, now please help us retire our 2008 debt so we can start working towards 2010, when we believe that we have a fabulous chance to defeat the “Zany” war-monger and Bush best-friend, Nancy Pelosi.

Give that “hard to buy for” person on your holiday gift list the gift of peace. Donate to Cindy for Congress.

Make a monthly pledge. If all 3500 of our committed donors gave just $10.00 a month we could keep our office doors open and retain some staff until we jump headlong into 2010!

Give up to the maximum of $2300.00 for the 2008 campaign season.

You have come this far with us, we need your help to go the distance in 2010!

Cindy’s Soapbox Radio Show Update: Green 960 has offered me an entire hour, instead of a half hour, so we have to postpone our inagural show until January, which will be perfect! We will let you know how to live-stream the show or podcast it when we have more info. We already have some exciting guests and topics lined up.

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