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Why Syriza Hasn’t Threatened to Leave the European Union—Yet

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Greece’s newly elected radical left coalition is playing the long game. Reprinted from In These Times. By Alexandros Orphanides These are desperate times for the people of Greece. Heading into a frenzy of meetings with Eurogroup finance ministers and heads of state this week, the Syriza government is preparing for all scenarios and developments. On […]

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Syriza Holds Its Ground

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Syriza has been able to stand up to eurozone finance ministers because of the popular movement behind the party. Reprinted from Jacobin. By Stathis Kouvelakis As the media and the Athens stock market (down 4 percent yesterday) had widely expected, yesterday’s finance ministers’ meeting ended in failure, perhaps even a momentous one. The tone of […]

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The First Domino Falls in Greece

Shamus Cooke

After the last Greek elections rejected austerity and caused a global uproar, early polling indicates that the next Greek elections — scheduled for June 17 — will do the same, albeit with more fury. Greece’s situation is not an isolated event, but a bellwether for the industrial world and beyond. The fallout from the 2008 […]

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