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Como los trabajadores de Nueva York pueden ganarle a la Corporación Con Edison

Tobias Michaels

Con Edison es una empresa eléctrica de billones de dólares en Nueva York que tiene una guerra contra su fuerza laboral. Al hacer esto millones de otras personas están en riesgo de tener que hacer frente a cortes de energía eléctrica durante una ola de calor. A manera de forzar concesiones a la unión – […]

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Fighting for the Soul of the Carpenter’s Union

Shamus Cooke

All working people should pay attention to the egregious assault on union democracy happening in the Carpenters Union’s Pacific North West Regional Council, which covers all the Carpenter’s Locals in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, and Montana. (more…)

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Mass Demonstrations Needed for Real Jobs Program

Emergency Labor Network

When governments fall deaf to social reality, it’s up to working people to get loud.

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Ten Lessons for Today’s Unions from Labor’s Militant History

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer

Although they bill themselves as “friends of labor” and many in the labor community accept this fraudulent packaging, Democrats are at best entirely unreliable allies of workers and at worst determined opponents. Truman, who claimed he opposed Taft-Hartley and initially vetoed the legislation – only to be overruled by Congress – nevertheless made recourse to […]

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Why All Workers Should Support Unions

Shamus Cooke

The more that rank and file union members are inspired by these collective actions, the less willing will they be to accept reductions in their wages and benefits, which, over time, has led to a steady demoralization of the labor movement. The harder that union members fight to maintain or increase their wages and benefits, […]

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Teamster Head Ron Carey Repudiates Charges at D.C. Hearing Bill Leumer (1998)

Bill Leumer

Defending Carey goes hand in hand with this defense of the members’ right to choose their leadership. The two can’t be separated. The stakes are high. Either we have a democratic union, the only kind that can be turned into what Carey and the membership want and need as “a fighting force for workers,” or […]

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James P. Cannon: The New York Unemployed Conference (1933)

James Cannon

Introduction by Workers Action The following short essay is a transcript of a speech by James Cannon, a leader of the Communist League of America, at a March 1933 conference on unemployment, organized by the Communist Party. The conference represented a rare opportunity for Cannon, since the Communist Party generally excluded Trotskyists from such gatherings. […]

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Victory to the United Electrical Workers Plant Takeover in Chicago!

Mark Vorpahl

On December 5, in Chicago, the owners of Republic Windows and Doors were set to close their doors after declaring financial ruin and abruptly laid off its 260 mostly Latino workers. Rather than passively accepting this kick in the teeth, the United Electrical Workers Union (UE) members decided to fight back, using a tactic not […]

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How to Win Strikes

Workers Action

The 1934 truck drivers strike in Minneapolis was a model of how to fight and win. We brought truck traffic to a standstill in the city, we drove the scabs off the street and we won a decisive victory. We gained union recognition, won our first contract and came away with wage increases and improved […]

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