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Makana: We Are the Many

Makana: We Are The Many
Adam Richmond

Social resistance to the status quo is a powerful inspiration to artists and musicians, at least those who aren’t sycophantic hanger-ons of the elite. The prolonged labor fightback in the 1930s, the civil rights struggle, and the protests against the war in Vietnam led to a plethora of popular protest music throughout these struggles.

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Living in the Wasteland of the Free

Workers Action

Iris Demint watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hhgb9hYjX3g Living in the wasteland of the free… We got preachers dealing in politics and diamond mines and their speech is growing increasingly unkind They say they are Christ’s disciples but they don’t look like Jesus to me and it feels like I am living in the wasteland of the free We got […]

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