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California Teachers Take Another Hit From Politicians

California Teachers Take Another Hit From Politicians Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer June 29, 2014
Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer

With Democratic Governor Jerry Brown in office since 2011 and the Democratic Party winning a supermajority in the state legislature in 2012, one might think that organized labor was secure and riding high. At least, that is the impression organized labor projects during campaign season. But the Democratic politicians have used their supermajority to serve […]

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Progressives Must Move Beyond Occupy

Cynthia Alvarez

Introduction by Workers Action Workers Action is posting the following article because of its excellent analysis of the flaws in how Occupy functions.  While Workers Action disagrees with the author’s belief that Progressives should join the Green Party, we think the analysis of Occupy should be widely distributed. ______________ BACKGROUND: My name is Cynthia Alvarez. […]

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“NO!” means “NO!” EDU response to Tentative Agreement

Workers Action

Workers Action Introduction The following statement was produced by Educators for a Democratic Union (EDU), a progressive caucus in the San Francisco teachers union, United Educators of San Francisco (UESF). After enumerating a series of concessions recently negotiated by UESF in bargaining a tentative agreement, the EDU caucus statement correctly urges all UESF members to […]

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Oregon’s Anti-Teacher Offensive


Teachers Fight Back Today But What About Tomorrow? An Introduction by Workers Action The brave teachers and community members out at Reynolds School District in the city of Fairview, near Portland, are fighting passionately against a cuts-only contract put forth by the school board. Their strike must be supported and aided by all working people. A key political […]

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