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The Teamsters Go To War

Brad Forrest

The Teamster’s stated goal is to protect the American Dream for middle class workers. However, years of supporting the Democrats have shown precisely the worthlesness of these professional politicians: organized labor is now just 12 percent of the American workforce.

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Teamster Head Ron Carey Repudiates Charges at D.C. Hearing Bill Leumer (1998)

Bill Leumer

Defending Carey goes hand in hand with this defense of the members’ right to choose their leadership. The two can’t be separated. The stakes are high. Either we have a democratic union, the only kind that can be turned into what Carey and the membership want and need as “a fighting force for workers,” or […]

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Ron Carey: Class Struggle Teamster Leader Dies At 72

Bill Leumer

On December 12, 2008, the Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), a reform caucus in the Teamsters Union, sent out the following message announcing the death of Ron Carey. Ron Carey, the message stated, “was the first Democratically Elected Teamster President Remembered As A Corruption Fighter And Vindicated Reformer. “Ron Carey, a former UPS driver and […]

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Lessons of the 1997 Teamster Strike at UPS

Bill Leumer

“After decades of corruption among the top ranks of the Teamsters’ union, the U.S. government stepped in and presented these union officials, who were alleged to have violated federal anti-racketeering laws, an offer they could not refuse. The government allowed them to sign a “consent decree” which would exempt them from prosecution, but with the […]

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