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The Job Crisis, the “Unemployable,” and the Fiscal Cliff

The Job Crisis, the "Unemployable,” and the Fiscal Cliff By Shamus Cooke
Shamus Cooke

With the November elections right around the corner, the millions of unemployed and under-employed have little reason to care. Aside from some sparse rhetoric, neither Democrats nor Republicans have offered a solution to job creation. Most politicians seem purposefully myopic about the jobs crisis, as if a healthy dose of denial might get them through the […]

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Job Crisis Denial

Shamus Cooke

Before any problem can be fixed it must first be acknowledged. The jobs crisis stays in the shadows, out of mind, and consequently unaddressed. (more…)

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Republicrats Campaign About Jobs and Do Nothing About High Unemployment

Workers Action

John Leslie Recently, Mitt Romney made a stop on his “Jobs Tour” in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. His appearance was supposed to be, interestingly, at a local WAWA store (for those out-of-state, WAWA is a convenience store chain) Why is this interesting? Because WAWA, like so many employers these days, is […]

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The Forgotten Jobless and Our Future

Mark Vorpahl

In the political theater exhibited last December where 13 months of unemployment extensions were linked to continuing tax breaks for the rich, a significant issue was left out of the drama, though it directly impacts the lives of millions. That is the fate of those who have become known as the 99ers. The 99ers are […]

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