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The Strategic Role of the United Front Approach

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer

Unfortunately, there are some who regard themselves as Marxists who insist on squandering these opportunities. They argue that all such struggles must be linked to the goal of socialism on the grounds that any working class gains within the framework of capitalism are simply illusory reforms — they will eventually be eroded by the capitalist […]

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James P. Cannon: The New York Unemployed Conference (1933)

James Cannon

Introduction by Workers Action The following short essay is a transcript of a speech by James Cannon, a leader of the Communist League of America, at a March 1933 conference on unemployment, organized by the Communist Party. The conference represented a rare opportunity for Cannon, since the Communist Party generally excluded Trotskyists from such gatherings. […]

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Trade Union Perspectives

Bill Leumer

“So the question is: How do we move forward and organize the discontent in order to build unity and allow class interests to be fought for?”

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