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What Went Wrong In Wisconsin and Where Does Labor Go From Here?

Emergency Labor Network

Emergency Labor Network When Wisconsin workers occupied the Capitol and took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in February and March, 2011 to defend their unions and living standards, the effect was electrifying. Workers throughout the U.S. and the world were elated to see American workers taking such militant actions, reminiscent of the […]

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How Not To Be a Union

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer Unions were originally built on the principle of solidarity. Workers soon realized that as individuals they were powerless when trying to defend their interests in relation to their profit-maximizing employers. But when they were organized and stood together, their combination gave them the upper hand. Under the banner of “an […]

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The U.S. Labor Movement at the Crossroads, in the Crosshairs

Shamus Cooke

The labor movement had better do some deep soul searching, and fast. Although the defeat in Wisconsin is the horrible end to a local drama, the corporate winners hope to turn their victory into the beginning chapter of a national novel.  (more…)

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Learning from Wisconsin

Mark Vorpahl

Mark Vorpahl Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker not only defeated the recall, he did so easily taking 54 percent of the vote. (more…)

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Why Did So Many Workers Vote for Walker?

Bill Leumer

Introduction By Bill Leumer In the wake of a major setback for organized labor, because of its failure to unseat rabid anti-union Wisconsin Governor Walker, many in the labor movement have offered their various diagnoses to explain the defeat. Most gravitate around the convenient excuse that labor was vastly outspent by the right wing. We […]

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AFL-CIO Declares Victory in Wisconsin in the Face of Defeat

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer  In the wake of the Wisconsin elections and the failure to unseat Governor Walker, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has issued a victory statement of sorts, resorting to the most tortured and convoluted logic. (more…)

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How to Win in Wisconsin and Beyond

Shamus Cooke

The eruption of protests in Madison, Wisconsin against a rabidly anti-union Governor and legislature has become “ground zero” in a fight that, on the surface, appears to be labor unions vs. Republicans. Digging deeper will reveal a conflict brewing for decades in American society that pits working people in general against an increasingly bold corporate […]

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