Workers Action: Join Us!

Workers Action

Capitalism divides people into two fundamental classes: (1) the very rich who own businesses and produce to maximize their profits and (2) working people who comprise the vast majority of the population and who struggle to survive by working for those who own businesses. Capitalists compete against one another, and in order to succeed, each tries to lower their respective production costs so as to undersell their rivals. But production costs include labor costs, so there is a constant pressure to lower labor costs by moving overseas, or by converting full-timers into part-timers, or by replacing workers by machines, or by laying off some workers while requiring others to perform additional work, and so on. For this reason capitalism inherently operates in opposition to the interests of working people.

Consequently, we are a revolutionary socialist organization. We do not believe the solution to the problems that plague humanity can be achieved within the framework of capitalism. Rather, we are fighting for a society that serves the interests of the majority of its members. Such a society would guarantee full employment, exploitation would be eliminated, quality health care and education would be free and available to all, the environment, which is being progressively destroyed, would be cleaned and protected, homelessness would be erased, and war would be abolished, including the threat of nuclear war. Rather than dominating other countries for economic gain through our military superiority, we would extend a helping hand so that all humanity can be liberated.

To achieve a society that truly operates in the interests of the majority, a revolutionary democracy must necessarily be established so that the entire adult population would take control of the government. Everyone would have a voice and a vote in determining the most important questions in defining the direction of society. Only in this way will majority rule truly be established.

Because capitalism does not operate in the interests of working people, we believe that a social revolution can only be achieved by working people themselves. Their position in society objectively requires that they abolish capitalism in order to free themselves from the stress of either overwork, or not enough work, or no work at all. Capitalists, on the other hand, have a vested interest in maintaining capitalism in one form or another. Historically subgroups of this class have only fought for reforms, not for revolution.

This means that, as socialists, we aim at independent working class political action. This would, of necessity, include establishing a political party that represents the class interests of working people as opposed to trying to reform the Democratic Party which is controlled by capitalists. For us, working class political independence is a matter of principle. Any other approach would simply fly in the face of a revolutionary socialist analysis of capitalism, which reveals that workers and capitalists have diametrically opposed class interests. Therefore, we do not support candidates who continue to support capitalism and whose campaigns fundamentally contradict the notion of organizing working people to liberate themselves from the ravages of the capitalist system.

We encourage working people to join together in order to struggle for transitional measures that would move us in the direction of socialism. These measures would include nationalizing the dominating capitalist enterprises whose owners currently run society, ending the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, increased funding for public education, stopping the foreclosures, taxing the rich, eliminating racism and sexism, and so on. We are currently actively engaged in helping our co-workers organize to fight for their own interests in our unions, in the antiwar movement, and in the Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign.