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How family is responsible for social welfare?

The family will not only consist of parents and children, grandparents, uncle and aunt, cousins, etc., but all will also come under this. Nowadays, most people are leading the nuclear family type but still, we can see the joint family too. So everyone in the family is responsible for the family’s peace and happiness. A child will grow according to the family mindset, not only the family health is developed even the social welfare depends on each family because if they grow the children in a good way with good habits, they will be a good example to other children too. They will have polite character and won’t make any issues to the society like damaging the public property, public nuisance, robbery, etc. if there is no criminal activity takes place in the society and then there will be no issues to all citizens. Most problems are created by the citizen of the same society because they have grown improperly and their mindset will adapt to the situation. So they won’t be calm and always willing to fight with others. It spoils society’s health, so everything depends on the family habitats. To provide better for your family, you might want want to look into playing some fun sports betting games via UFABET.

What are the types of the family we have in our society?

There are many types of family are present in society. Let us discuss one by one. They are,

    • Extended family- here grandparents, uncle and aunt, parents, cousins, and children will be present. They all will be together and do a family business and stay in the same home. In past, all lead this type of family.
    • Joint family- grandparent, parents, and children will be under this type. Still, now we can see this kind of family everywhere. 
    • Nuclear family- only the parent and children will be here, none other will accompany us. Most of the family types are nowadays nuclear family because they like to have privacy in their family.
    • Single parents- either father or mother will take care of the children and lead the life by doing the work. The children will have only one parent.
    • Childless family- the parent will be present but they don’t have a child due to some health issues. 
    • Grandparent- children will under the control of grandparents and their parents be present in some other state or country due to work.

The family-type may be whatever it is and nothing wrong with these types because family should be a comfortable place to live and it should not be a burden to us. So choosing the different type of family and leading our life is up to our choice and we can’t blame anyone for it. 

How to maintain the family?

Here are few tips to maintain the family. They are,

    • All members of the family should take care of each other; whatever problem we may have we should not show our anger to others.
    • We should help each other and share our work because it the best quality we can have. 
    • Family members should spend their quality time with others because it will create more love and affection in the family.